Make NEWS and Information Available In Panjabi GURMUKHI On BBC Website

  • 13 Days 19 Hours 12 Minutes ago

Why is this important?

Panjabi is the third most spoken language in the United Kingdom. Millions of Panjabis of the world, including a large number living in the UK, can read Panjabi (Gurmukhi script). Panjabis constitute one of the successful communities in every field in the UK and worldwide, yet they do not have access to reliable and trustworthy source of information on current affairs and world news in their own language. Digital information is integral part of modern life. In modern days Panjabi community has become more aware of this digital transformation. But their language Panjabi is no on the BBC !!

Increasing number of young Panjabi audiences are also keen learners of the Panjabi (Gurmukhi) language, each year taking A Levels courses in large numbers, run by AQA. Availability on online content in Panjabi will be significantly helpful for them to improve their language as well communication skills to serve the community better and a better Great Britain.

There's no doubt that BBC has one of the largest news gathering operations in the world, with more journalists, in more countries than any other international broadcaster. It has its reputable presence in South Asia in terms of extensive coverage of social, economical and political news across the region including state of Panjab, in India. All Panjabis would love to stay in touch with rapidly changing world and will have access to daily updates in their own language.

UK Panjabi community, as well as across the globe, would love to have Panjabi (Gurmukhi) made available on BBC website along with other 15 South Asian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Nepalese, Burmese and Pashto.